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Bodybuilding and muscle power are not only about gyming but the overall result also depends on the nutritious diet taken by the consumer in adequate amounts. The era of exercises and muscle building has evolved to the extent that personal trainers are hired to help the client and guide him in accordance with his body requirements. Along with personal assistance, these trainers also highly recommend the intake of dietary supplements, which additionally boost the performance of the muscles. Of all the supplements present in the market, FA CORE BCAA 350 g is one of the most preferred muscle recovery powders that is advised by nutritionists to health enthusiasts around the world. Also, because of its strong composition of 2g of Carbohydrates, 4 g L- Leucine, and 1 g each of L- Valine and L- Isoleucine, FA Nutrition CORE BCAA 8:1:1, 350 gm stands out from the rest. A pure substance for fast absorption, this rich nutritional supplement has BCAAs- the essential amino acids, which are known worldwide for their fast muscle recovery process as well as to support muscle building after rigorous training sessions. Available in various lip-smacking flavors, like Blue Raspberry, Cherry Lemonade, and watermelon, this nutritional drink can also be taken in its original taste which is unflavored. Moreover, it Banned Substance Tested which makes it all the more credible and easy to be used by players and athletes. It is Gluten-free and therefore contains no dyes or relative elements in its formation